Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Want to Rewind Thanksgiving Holiday

Hi, I been so busy getting ready for Thanksgiving. Having almost all my Family to my house was a God send. It was so fast I want to rewind and do it again. I sharing pictures of the gifts I made for everyone. I made them Aprons, Boxes and Key Chains.
We also have a Trim a Tree Party on Black Friday. It was awesome. Also stopped me from shopping. This is the best Christmas Tree ever. I never had a Tree party. It was so much fun. Wish I could do it every year. I didn't ask for Ornaments. and it was such a sweet surprise to get one from each Family. I work so hard getting ready for the Thanksgiving Holiday I have not done much for Christmas. I haven't even change my Wreath. I notice it today coming home from work. lol. Want to try and finish my Christmas Cards this Week. Here are some I have completed.

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